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Accomplish Max - Overview

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Accomplish Max can be used in a number of different business types: retail / wholesale / cafe / restaurant etc. It can also be configured so all business types can be used collectively within a single business. Accomplish Max has four key areas of operation, each inspired and informed by our current customer base: Sales, Purchasing, Ancillary Services and Management Reports.

Sales (Pay Station, Cash Register or Counter Sales)
Combined with barcode readers the user friendly touch-screen interface guides staff through the process of ringing up a sale. If your business has account customers then any customer can be looked up and the sale tied to their account; otherwise all the sales are treated as basket sales. At the end of each business day three standard reports can be produced:

  • the Sales report identifies the value of each sale, the payment method used and the responsible staff member.
  • the Payment Method Summary report is a sum of all the payment methods used (Cash, Credit / Debit Card, Gift Vouchers, To Account and Refunds).
  • finally, the Products Sold report identifies by quantity all products sold that day. (These reports can also be run for any given date range.)

Purchases (Stock Ordering)
There are various ways of placing orders with suppliers, some businesses use their supplierís online service, others will place the order over the phone or with a sales-rep, and some will create a purchase-order. Regardless of the ordering method, deliveries are simply scanned-in, incrementing the stock levels automatically while Accomplish Max creates all the internal paperwork on the fly.

Ancillary Services
The Ancillary Service element of Accomplish Max allows for a range of activities that may be pertinent to your business. For example:

  • flagging products that require proof of age (displays a warning message pop up on the till if a selected product is scanned)
  • flagging products that are sold by weight or length (displays a pop-up so the weight or length can be entered)
  • setting up and applying special offers to products
  • setting up product lookup (to assist at cash registers & customer telephone enquiries)
  • applying BIN numbers to stock and storage locations (to assist with stock taking)
  • applying VAT Input / Output codes to products (to assist with VAT Returns and accounts)
  • applying a sales code to products (to assist with quarterly and year end accounts)
  • assigning discount rates for account customers

Management Reports
Accomplish Max comes with a number of built in reports, all of which operate on a date range. Sales, Customer Statements (if you have account customers), Debtors, Creditors, VAT Input & Output, Stock Valuation, Product Sales and a Summary Profit report (similar in design to a profit and loss statement). Any of the reports can be exported to Excel for accountancy purposes.

Accomplish Max - Case Study

Jennifer from Bridge of Allan Hardware using Accomplish Max

"When setting up our second hardware store in Bridge of Allan (Stirling) we had already decided to stick with a conventional push button till system. We had looked into EPOS / Barcode Till Systems but there were simply too many unanswered questions for us to move forward with this technology. We agreed to meet with Database Design at the eleventh hour due to their claim of doing things differently. We were delighted to hear that there was no restriction regarding the number of products the system could hold and that the majority of the product data could be preloaded for us, which was one of our main concerns when talking with other vendors. Database Design informed us of what they could do along with the timescales involved, which again was very different from other vendors. When we mentioned that we would be selling some products by weight and length they came right out and said ìthe system doesnít do thatî but committed themselves to adding that feature into their product within a month, which they did. We currently have over 90,000 products listed in our system with our active product range being around 5,000.

They helped with sourcing and setting up the hardware, assisted with pricing validation, the initial stock take, delivered the training and provide excellent after sales customer service."

- Steven & Jennifer Bridge of Allan Hardware

Accomplish Max - Demo

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