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Customer Services: What can you expect?

Customer Service Overview
Whether you interest be in one of our existing products 'Accomplish Max' or you require something very specific for you business, our approach to Customer Service is very different from other vendors. So when choosing a new or replacement system we believe that nothing can really replace face to face contact.

Initial Approach
While we will happily answer your questions regarding our products and your requirements over the phone, we find that an onsite visit works far better, allowing for a richer in-depth discussion. We can view your business model, current working practices, product range, anomaly products and/or services, product grouping, customer base, staffing levels and your future business plans ensuring that an understanding of requirement exists.

This initial approach is completely without obligation, but gives you the assurance that your requirements have been explored and considered against the functionality of our existing products or new designs. The service also allows us to illustrate the processes we would use to ensure your new or replacement system would be up and running in a reasonable time frame.

System Setup
Weíll assist with the setting up of the system and identify and source all the necessary hardware components required. Work with third parties on your behalf to obtain (where reasonable to do so) product / client / service data (or data from an existing system).

Working with you, we will develop and deliver a staff training schedule covering all aspects of the system, ensuring that your staff can operate the system from the moment it is installed at your premises.

Ongoing Support
Ongoing support means that youíll receive all product updates and upgrades and these will typically be applied via remote access. In addition to this weíll regularly make site visits for the initial six months to remedy any anomalies. Weíll also go over any additional training requirements either as a refresher or to introduce new features.


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