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Accomplish Max (General Overview of Daily Operation)

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From the start of your business day to the end, Accomplish Max’s user friendly touch screen cash register will guide your staff through each transaction (sale, exchange, refund or return). This includes all your footfall customers and, where required, your account customers too. The left hand column below ‘Daily & Periodic Reports’ outlines some of your routine reporting requirements for any given date range (Sales, Statements, VAT, Top sellers ...). The right hand column ‘Ancillary Functionality’ identifies a number of useful built in tools which can enhance the overall operation of the cash register itself to greatly assist your staff.

Daily & Periodic Reports
Being able to produce the reports you need is paramount. The reporting structure of Accomplish Max operates on a straightforward premise: date range. Any ‘daily’ report can be operated to span a given date range, giving you collective results. And conversely any of the periodic reports (such as VAT Input & Outputs) can also be operated for a single day! The same is true for all analysis reports, such as: profit on return, aged debtor and creditor analysis, etc.

End of Day Sales
The end of day sale report lists all transactions for each cash register in operation. The list identifies the gross value for each sale, the cash register id, employee id along with the method of payment.

Two other reports are also run, ‘Payment Methods’ and ‘Products Sold’. The Payment Methods report lists a total value for each payment method used (cash, debit card, credit card, gift voucher, refund ...). The Products Sold report identifies the quantity of each product sold.

Extended End of Day Sales
The extended end of day sale report is the same as the end of day sale report outlined above; however, this report allows you to enter a date range, identifying collective totals for the period you entered.

Customer Statements
If you have account customers, the end of month ‘customer statement’ run has proved invaluable for many of our clients; for some it has reduced a few days work down to just a few minutes. A sub report of the ‘customer statement’ run identifies a summary of any aged debt, sales for the period and payments received.

VAT Input and Output
Accomplish Max uses separate VAT Inputs from VAT Outputs and displays them as individual reports. With HMRC’s policy of ‘making tax digital’ the VAT Output report can be summarised to show TAX Code totals for any given date range, which can then be exported for HMRC purposes.

Purchases (Supplier Deliveries)
Accomplish Max allows for any product to be purchased from any supplier. Arriving stock can be booked into the system using a barcode reader (recommended method) or by product code selection at a later time.

Product quantities are incremented during the ‘booking in’ process and behind the scenes a purchase order is created.

Ancillary Functionality
The ancillary functionality of Accomplish Max is mostly about ‘grouping products’ that allow for enhanced cash register operations or after sales analysis.

Flagged Products
Flagged products belong to a group of products (selected by you) where additional input is required by the cashier at the point of sale. Typically a flagged product would be a product that is sold by: weight, length, square metre or customer ID is required. When the barcode of a flagged product is identified the cash register displays the associated popup form to guide the cashier through the sale process.

Product Lookup
While most products will have their barcode scanned at the cash register, some products will need to be looked up. Rather than having multiple rows and columns of brightly coloured buttons, Accomplish Max uses uncluttered alphabetical category lists. With these you can quickly find a product and add it to the customer’s sale.

BIN Locations
Is it important to know exactly where a product can be located within your business? A product can have one or more BIN locations assigned to it. A BIN location doesn’t need to be recorded as an exact location(s) but perhaps a given shelf or rack.

Assigning BIN location(s) does have a number of time saving advantages. Products can be located quickly for a number of reasons: stock taking (partial or full), picking lists, shelf replenishment etc.

In-house Product Grouping
In-house product grouping is a powerful tool. Concisely put, if you want to identify the sales of a range of jams, Branded and Own-Brand, then creating a ‘named in-house group’ and assigning all the various jams will allow for detailed sales analysis. For example you may just want to know how many of each over a period of time where sold, and what the gross returns were. Again using the date-range facility in a slightly different way you may want to identify ‘seasonal’ sale patterns.

Special Offers
Accomplish Max currently has eleven categories for creating special offers. While eleven may not sound like many, they do allow for thousands of special offer combinations.

Accomplish Max - Case Study

Jennifer from Bridge of Allan Hardware using Accomplish Max

"When setting up our second hardware store in Bridge of Allan (Stirling) we had already decided to stick with a conventional push button till system. We had looked into EPOS / Barcode Till Systems but there were simply too many unanswered questions for us to move forward with this technology. We agreed to meet with Database Design at the eleventh hour due to their claim of doing things differently. We were delighted to hear that there was no restriction regarding the number of products the system could hold and that the majority of the product data could be preloaded for us, which was one of our main concerns when talking with other vendors. Database Design informed us of what they could do along with the timescales involved, which again was very different from other vendors. When we mentioned that we would be selling some products by weight and length they came right out and said ìthe system doesnít do thatî but committed themselves to adding that feature into their product within a month, which they did. We currently have over 90,000 products listed in our system with our active product range being around 5,000.

They helped with sourcing and setting up the hardware, assisted with pricing validation, the initial stock take, delivered the training and provide excellent after sales customer service."

- Steven & Jennifer Bridge of Allan Hardware

Accomplish Max - Demo

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