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Why Consider Us
There are many similarities between the businesses we have worked with, yet all are different in one way or another.

This brochure provides a reasonable ‘snapshot’ of Accomplish Max’s capabilities and it will probably tick many of the boxes you’ve considered – but does it really address the detail that is specific to you?

To be sure of the details, we offer all potential clients the opportunity, without obligation, of an on-site demonstration. A typical demonstration takes approximately 45 minutes, which covers the basic operations (serving customers, till-operation, adding new product, booking stock in, end of day reports and an overview of the ‘back-office’ components). This part of the demonstration is really a watching exercise for you and it provides the general feel of the product.

As for your questions, the time required for this is really driven by you and this is where both sides learn a great deal from each other. In answering your questions we drill further into the product so you can see the process.

From past experiences four hours is about average (on one particular occasion eight hours) but the demonstration and discussion are not about the time it takes – it’s about answering your specific questions and fulfilling your expectations.

After the demonstration we suggest that you take some time to digest and reflect (speak to us again if you have additional questions) before making your decision and as we said earlier there is absolutely no obligation on your part.

If Accomplish Max is right for you
If you decide to go with Accomplish Max then there are three key processes: Pre-install, Install and Post-install.

• Where reasonable to do so, we will gather all product data, cleanse it and load into your system.
• Source all the necessary required hardware and software for you to consider.

Install (on-site)
This is where we come on-site and set the system up for you, hardware and software.

Post-install (on-site)
The next step is pricing validation. This is where, working with your staff, each product you sell is scanned to ensure the Gross Selling Price is correct. This process is very efficient and ensures that you can start selling your products through the cash-registers the instant we arrive on site.

During the pricing validation process, we will train up to four staff members on the necessary features, for the successful operation of the touch-screen cash register.

The training continues to cover all the day-to-day operations before moving onto the back-office components.

The amount of time required for training the initial four of the nominated trainees is unlimited and the progress is driven by what you need to know. This is achieved by remote login sessions.


How long will it take be fully operational?
Normally within a short ten minute discussion, we can provide a reasonable start to finish time-frame.

Can I create special offers?
Multiple special offer combinations are available.

Can I add account customers?
When you have a number of account customers all requiring a monthly statement, you can add as many account customers as you need.

Can I add multiple outlets?
If you choose Accomplish Max with the cloud module you can add addition outlets to the system as your business grows.

What happens when I have a product(s) without a barcodes?
Where a product doesn’t have a barcode, the system will create one for you or it will simply use the product code.

Will the selling prices be correct?
When we arrive on-site we, working with you we undertake the ‘Pricing Validation Process’ to ensure all your selling prices are correct.

Can I sell some products by weight, length or square metre?
All three methods are available.

Accomplish Max Pricing

Pricing is always a tricky one without some prior knowledge of what is required (hardware and software) for your business. No two of our clients have ever paid the same; some required a full complement of hardware, while for others only some, and on the rare occasion none at all. The permutations are too numerous.

The subject of pricing always comes up during the on-site demonstration – it is at this point the necessary hardware and software requirements are discussed allowing for a ballpark figure to be put forward.

We recognise that the above doesn’t really answer the question on pricing for you. If you would like a ballpark figure prior to a demonstration, then please call us and we can discuss it over the phone.


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