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Over the years Database Design & Development have designed, written and installed an array of database systems for various companies where an off-the-shelf package simply wasnít available.

  • Creation of a complex employee time sheet recording system for an engineering company with over a hundred employees, all of who were on different pay rates. The system allowed company to issue invoice on a weekly basis, which significantly strengthened their cash flow.
  • Conversion of large unmanageable spreadsheets into user friendly CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database systems.
  • A student record system for a community based adult education programme.
  • An events management database system.
  • A shipping manifest system for an oilrig supply company. The system ensured that volatile chemicals were shipped in isolation of each other; based upon their Chemical Classification Codes.
  • A complex financial tracker recording payments to and from insurance agents.

Regardless of your database need the process always starts as described in our Customer Services section.


T. 01786 849429
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Creators of :

  • Barcode Cash Register / Inventory Software (EPOS)
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • Spreadsheet to Database Conversion
  • Bespoke Database Systems